Friday, July 29, 2016

Downtown Engagement Session | Nekeisha+ Malick

Nekeisha, Malick Derrick and I took a stroll in the Atlanta Downtown for their engagement session. Despite how hot it was they took in in stride and looked awesome! Malick is a quiet guy but that didn't stop him from expressing his love to his wife to be. Even though Derrick and I are behind the camera and in the zone (our squinty serious faces) our hearts enjoy seeing couples that undoubtedly love each other. we are even happier to capture that on camera for years to come. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Up Up and Away Engagement Session | Sharyse + Ed

In 2013 we photographed Lathanya and Curtis' wedding in Montego Bay. The atmosphere we experienced during their day was so warm! You could tell how much everyone loved each other. A large number of their friends and family stayed passed the wedding day with them during the honeymoon to continue the celebration. No they didn't crash the honeymoon.... THEY PLANNED THIS ALL TOGETHER!!! Derrick and I fell in love with all of them and decided to stay an extra day on the resort with them to share in the fun! We had a great time! The friendship has continued and now another of their crew is getting married and we are so excited!!!!! Sharyse and Ed are such an amazing couple! Their wedding will be at The Ambient Studios in Atlanta. Sharyse has shared with me some of the details of the wedding and we are excited to see how everything comes together in such a creative space.

Photography: Sophia Barrett Studios
Planner: Xquisite Events by Gingee Honore
Makeup: By the Bride herself!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Downtown Decatur Wedding | Quail + Corey

When I met Quail I instantly wanted to be her friend. She has the kindest heart and has a soft spoken spirit. Her husband is the total opposite of her which makes their union totally perfect. He's the life of the party and likes to have a good time. Something they have in common is their enormous love for each other. Many times the focus for the couple is the decor, the party aspect, or the guests that will be coming to celebrate. The focus for the couple was entirely and utterly each other. Enjoy their wedding photos!!

Cheers Quail + Corey

Photographer: Sophia Barrett Studios